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Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies

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The Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies (IWES) is a New Orleans-based national, non-profit public health organization, dedicated to improving the physical, mental, and spiritual health and quality of life of women, their families, and communities of color, especially among those facing chronic adversity. IWES addresses and advocates for the emotional and physical well-being, resilience and capacity of individuals and families to create sustainable community and societal change in the following areas: Emotional/Physical Well-Being and Resilience; Adolescent Health; Maternal/Child Health; HIV/STI Prevention. 

IWES has a long history of developing, coordinating and implementing teen pregnancy prevention (TPP), sexual health and positive youth development (PYD) programs, and conducting community engagement, training, research and evaluation activities; These activities expand access to adolescent sexual health education among youth through the development of school guidelines on sex education instruction; trainings with school faculty and other key stakeholders; ongoing technical assistance (TA) to build teacher capacity; and direct implementation. IWES uses a trauma informed and inclusive youth health education program model in schools and community based settings.

Services Provided: 
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Policy Support

IWES works with Louisiana school districts and Charter Management Organizations to develop district and school-level policy on sex education instruction, providing model policy, and tailoring TA support to address the unique needs and concerns of each school community.  

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